21 Day Post Covid Recovery Challenge

What is Post covid Syndrome?

Recently as I was talking to a friend of mine he complained of not having clarity of mind, not able to attend to his work commitments, mindlessly browsing the internet and wasting time watching programs which he would never do otherwise. When I probed deeper he had just recovered from  Covid 19 infection, and his symptoms matched what is now being termed as  ‘brain fog’. He has also been experiencing lack of energy, extreme tiredness and occasional bouts of irritant dry cough. Overall, he felt complete lack of health!

Another lady friend has been suffering from severe anxiety and depression for the past one year  after Covid infection last year. Managing day to day household activities , taking care of her children all have become extremely difficult for her. She is hoping to improve her mental health as soon as possible  and return to an active productive life.

After a recent Covid 19 infection, regaining optimum health completely can be quite a challenge.  Recovered patients may complain of shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, extreme fatigue, lack of energy, sleep deprivation etc. There have been instances of depression, anxiety and stress reported after Covid infection. Sometimes the symptoms can be very severe involving multiple systems of the body. Whatever the situation, regaining health is a priority after the infection to work well, feel energetic and become productive.

How can we regain health after Covid 19 infection?

Studies have shown that Yoga and Mindfulness based interventions have been extremely effective in managing depression and anxiety. Many peer reviewed journals have published studies showing the positive impact of Yoga based techniques in improving respiratory function, muscular strength, flexibility and in reducing fatigue and sleep disturbance.

Several researches have provided adequate evidence for the immune enhancing power of Yoga, balanced diet and nutrition and certain herbal extracts.

Mindfulness based interventions have been successfully practiced to reduce stress for the past many decades.

As multiple mutants of Covid 19 infection are causing different waves of the pandemic , the recent reports suggest widespread infection across all age groups. There have been instances of multiple re infections especially among front line workers and healthcare professionals. With each and every infection there is the possibility of inflammation ( cytokine storm) in the body and extensive tissue damage. To avoid complications and work hours lost, it is very important to focus on developing host immunity.

Lifestyle has a major role in maintaining health and preventing diseases. Hygiene, sanitation, balanced diet, adequate rest and moderate exercise are the basics. Yoga based practices which include mild to moderate stretching can provide physical activity without straining the body, improving joint function and stimulating neuroendocrine function. Breathing exercises and pranayam can enhance lung capacity and provide relaxation. Meditation and relaxation
techniques focus on stress management and building immune response through psycho neuro immunology .

Post Covid Recovery Challenge – an outcome based unique Lifestyle intervention

With the intention of recovering from SARS CoV infection ‘Post Covid
Recovery Challenge’ is a unique program designed to focus on the
following outcomes…

  • Overcome shortness of breath,Improve lung function
  • Reduce fatigue and lack of energy
  • Recover from brain fog
  • Overcome anxiety and depression
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Prevention of relapse
  • Regain optimum health and wellness

Highlights of the Program

  • Live virtual sessions designed and supervised by Doctors.

  • Yoga based and Mindfulness based techniques to recover from Covid completely.

  • Free personal consultation, Research based diet protocol and pre and post challenge assessment.

  • Duration -60 min a day – time slot – 6.00 to 7.00 AM

  • Weekdays Mon to Friday, start date Feb 21st ,2022 to 12th March 2022.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have as well.
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    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    Is Post Covid or Long Covid syndrome real?

    Yes, some of the most common symptoms of post COVID-19 condition are shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunction, which people call brain fog, as well as fatigue. Some patients may experience chest pain,trouble speaking, anxiety or depression, muscle aches, fever, loss of smell, loss of taste and sleep disturbance.

    How long can Post Covid symptoms last?

    There is no fixed time limit for the symptoms to disappear. However studies have shown symptoms to last from 3 months to even more than a year.

    If I have Post Covid Symptoms do I need help?

    Following Covid 19 infection if symptoms still persist and interfere with day to day functioning it is important to seek professional help. A multi disciplinary approach with physical training, appropriate diet and nutrition, mental and psychosocial support can help one recover completely.

    Why does it matter if I have Post Covid symptoms? Wouldn’t I recover on my own?

    After Covid 19 infection depending on the ability of the body to revert back it may take about 3 months to 1 year to completely recover from symptoms. Till then the symptoms may interfere with productivity and efficiency of the individual.

    Can I recover completely after the program?

    Each and every individual is unique and will respond to therapies differently. However, Post Covid Recovery challenge is designed based on interdisciplinary approach including physical practises to improve strength and mobility, breathwork to improve lung function and regain immunity, mindfulness based meditation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, research based diet prescription to improve nutritional status, reduce fatigue and regain complete Health and Wellness.

    Can I participate in the program if I have other comorbidities?

    The practises included in the program are safe and simple and can be practised by all across different age groups with or without other underlying health conditions. In fact, most of the techniques are highly useful in managing lifestyle disorders and chronic diseases.